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I will transfer the contents, message, style and format of your original file into the target language (English or Spanish)










If you already had your document translated by someone else, I will be the second pair of eyes to review it and ensure it has no mistakes. This includes a side-to-side bilingual review of both the original document and the translation for:

  • Grammar check

  • Inconsistency in terminology

  • Mistranslations (errors in meaning)

  • Inappropriate style 

EDITION (Bilingual Review)
PROOFREADING (Monolingual Review)

This task is mainly focused on the translated file after the bilingual review process has been completed. Focus is placed on:


  • Readability

  • Fluency

  • Target audience appropriateness

  • Format same as original document




Translations legalized by the Association of Sworn Translations of the City of Buenos Aires.

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